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151 "Various writers, including Rev. Joseph B. Felt, have stated that her maiden name was Fryer (or Friar)..." Margaret (I3680)
152 "when she had lived in a marriage state with her sd husband [John] about sixty three years" Batt, Ann (I1401)
153 "who died young" Stelle, Elizabeth (I4057)
154 "Widow Margarit Bliss was sick & died Aug 28 1684" Hulings, Margaret (I1211)
155 "Will (probated?) 25 June 1778. Clara Hunt Millers records: see pg 23 #135 of Andrea #1; p. 74, #423 Andrea; and p. 28, Andrea #2" Hunt, John Sr (I446)
156 "William Jesse & Abrah Munden Drowned in ye greate River at ye Falls. Octob'r 29th 1645" Munden, Abraham (I3094)
157 "William served in the Revolutionary War, enlisting in January 1775 in a company of fifty minute-men raised and equipped at the expense of Brimfield." Blashfield, William (I0962)
158 "ye yonger" Dodge, William (I3667)
159 "[H]e signed a deed alone in that year." Balch, Benjamin (I3631)
160 "[N]ine children." Family F1823
161 "[S]ix children." Family F1825
162 "[T]hirteen children." Family F1824
163 "[T]wo daughters." Family F1822
164 -- Hester Descendants: Family of Roling Hester and Lucendy Richardson Hester,
compiled by Bernice Hester, 1992 publication information p. iii.
The Hesters that are descended from William Buck and Amy Malone Hester are forever indebted to Amy for being an unusually good record keeper. Her records survive in the family Bible. The family records portion of that Bible was published in The Natchez Trace Traveler, May, 1982 edition. 
Malone, Amy (I035)
165 1 Mar 1816 - Western Monitor, Lexington, KY: OBITUARY: Departed this life on the night of Monday the 19th inst. in the 61st year of her age, Mrs. MARGARET TROTTER, consort of COL. JAMES TROTTER of this vicinity. "Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her." Downey, Margaret (I483)
166 1631 William Coppin of Canterbury, gentleman, son and heir of Mary Boys (Denne-Coppin) late of Beakesbourne, widow, deceased, a right over the manor Wootton to Thomas Coppin, gentleman, eldest son and heir of John Coppin, late of Beakesbourne, gentleman, deceased. 21 Sept 1631.

Will of William Coppin, proved 22 March 1633:
William Coppin of St. George's Canterbury, gentleman, mentions: His wife, Jane; grandchild Mary Smith;
Mr. Smith, deceased, her brother; Joshua, his youngest son; Elizabeth Smith, daughter of his daughter Sarah; William Smith son of his daughter Sarah; Robert Wynne, his grandchild; William his eldest son. He wills to son Joshua his lease of the manor of Deal Prebend, held of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and also all his lands, tenements, etc. in Sholden and St. Mongehem to him and his heirs forever and likewise his lands in Romney Marsh. and to his son William all his lands in Deal. (From "The Coppyns of Kent", a genealogy, a copy of which is in the Center for Kentish Studies, Maidstone, Kent, England) 
Coppin, William (I339)
167 1756 DEED: Craven Co, SC, 16 Oct, admeasured 100 acres of land on NE side of Peedee River bounded on all sides by vacant land that was surveyed on 7 Sep 1756.

Frederick Winyaw, SC; 18 Jun, the Vestry appointed Mr. Minness to clean out the church for which the Vestry was to pay him five pounds. This was the old church on the Black River, about 20 miles SW of the present building (1916) in Plantersville, SC, on the Great Pee Dee River. A two acre graveyard there was well kept and cared for. (Elizabeth W. Allston Pringle, The Register Book for the Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw, The National Society of the Colonial dames of America; Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins Company, 1916). This was probably the James Minnis who follows.

Court Minutes 1752-1761, Book 1, p 136. Abstraction from Book 1-245 reads: A Deed of sale from John JOHNSON to James MINNES for 346 acres of Land was proved in open Court by the oath of James Watson and was ordered to be registered. This tract was originally granted to James Dickie, planter, on 11 May 1757 (See Granville Proprietary Deeds and Surveys,Bennett Vol V, p 69) and the plat shows it straddling Seven Mile Creek. Dickey conveyed to John Johnson as registered Dec 1758 and title was cleared as a Granville deed of sale to Dickey which was registered Jun 1759. (See Haun, Book I, pp 96 and 104).

Records, Vol I, p 46. Raleigh, NC: By the Editor, 1987. A Warrant for James A. MCGOWEN for 700 acres on McGowen's Cr., waters of Eno River), adjoins MINNIS & MITCHELL.

Vestry of Parish Church of Prince Frederick: James Minzes paid as Sexton on 13 May 1762. By 4 Apr 1763, these duties had been taken over by others.

30 Dec 1761 of James McGown for 360 acres on waters of Eno adjoining Minnis and Mitchel.
1761 of Robert Witty for 700 acres on Seven Mile Cr waters of Eno adjoining Minnis and Churton.

Records, Vol III, DB-3, p 124 (618). Raleigh, NC: By the Editor, 1990. John McGowen sold the 360 acres adjoining Minnis & Mitchel to Thomas Wilson, weaver.

Book 57, p 101, entry for survey on 4 Nov in Orange Co, NC, No. 994. Land to be surveyed lies on the Seven Mile Branch of Eno bounded on the north by his own land and adjoining that of William Johnston running for complement.

Records, Vol III, DB-3, p 13 (59). Raleigh, NC: By the Editor, 1990. James Minnis of Orange sold to William Tapp of Caswell for 350 pounds, two tracts of 346 acres and 154 acres. These are the same as the above. James Minnis signed but with no wife mentioned. The larger tract has its approximate center one mile south of Efland on the road to Buckhorn. The smaller tract is to the southeast and can be reached (in 1981) from a building in the center on the Efland road to an unimproved road past one building and on to a second near its center.

Bill of Sale: James Minnis of Chester CO., SC, to Nathan Jaggers one negro woman named Juda, one Sorrel horse named Ball, one Bay Mare named Bonney, Gabriel Brown's note, bed & household furniture & plantation tools & my chest;

Sale from James Menniss to Nathan Jaggers was acknowledged in Open Court & Ordered to be Recorded.

(Holcomb's page 225) Court date ?, James Minnis, Plaintiff against Gabriel Brown, Defendant: Debt. Came the Defendant into Open Court and Confessed a Judgement according to Mote and costs of suit which is Ordered accordingly. Ordered that James Minnis pay John Roney fifty Shillings for twenty days attendance as a witness for him against Brown, also the sum of thirty shillings for Mileage. Ordered that James Minnis pay Nathan Jaggers forty shillings for his attendance as a witness for him against Brown also the sum of Thirty Shillings for mileage. NB:Union County was adjacent to Chester County on the west at this time(1791-1799).

Jaggers. It seems that Margaret was a daughter of James Minnis; that James came to Chester Co, SC, after selling his land holdings in Orange Co., NC; and then he sold his personal belongings on which he had paid tax in 1781 in Orange to his son-in-law. The notes for his sons, James and William, indicate that they came from NC with him. At this time there was a George Minnis family in Chester with son James among others. This family was only recently from Ireland and not the same James as that one was a minor while the other was appearing in court as an adult. There may have been some relationship but not in this country.

...who says he came to Orange at the age of eight in 1763. That John named his first son James suggests that James was his father. The birth place in VA of John in 1755 is essential to resolving this question. 
Minnis, James (I588)
168 1800 United States Census gives birth year 1775 - 1784 Dameron, Bartholomew (I700)
169 1810 United States Census gives a birth year between 1765 - 1784 Dameron, Bartholomew (I700)
170 1810 United States Census gives his age between 26 and 44 (born 1784 or earlier)
1820 United States Census gives his age between 26 and 44 (born in or after 1776) 
Malone, Daniel (I701)
171 1820 Census gives a maximum age of 44. He was at least 21 years of age when he made a marriage bond on 15 Oct 1803 McKillip, John (I3955)
172 1820 United States Census gives a birth year of 1775 or earlier Dameron, Bartholomew (I700)
173 1850 Census Franklin Co.,Al.
Rikard, John E. 31,SC. ca.1819
Mahala Drucilla 25,SC. ca.1825
William S. 5,AL. ca.1845
Robert 3,AL ca.1847
Simon 1,Al. ca.1849
Could this Simon have died and they named another child Simon

Hester Family Bible
J.Cariole Rikard & Huldah Hester - 6 March 1845
Huldah Rillah Hester - 31 March 1829
That would make Hulda age 16 at marriage.
Willaim G. Rikard - 4 April 1846

Rikard, Peggy Ann b. 24 Dec 1935 d. 14 Dec 1992
Sarah E. w/o J.M. b. 31 Mar 1860 d. 04 Feb 1886
Robert H. b. 24 Jan 1846 d. 14 Jun 1919
Hulda b. 31 Mar 1829 d. 04 Aug 1893
John C. b. 20 Jul 1819 d. 13 Jul 1878
John J. b. 04 Jan 1858 d. 14 Feb 1882
Willard James b. 08 Jul 1908 d. 18 Feb 1992
James Gertrude b. 03 Apr 1901 d. 25 Dec 1988
Lenice L. b. 26 Aug 1911 d. 25 Oct 1966
Hubert G. b. 03 Mar 1910 d. 11 Jan 1971
Ola F. d/o L.M & L.E b. 25 Jan 1892 d. 17 Nov 1896 
Rikard, John Carlyle (I325)
174 1850 Census shows birthplace of Alabama Canady, Lucinda (I838)
175 1850 United States Census: 1780, Pennsylvania
1860 United States Census: 1783, Kentucky
1870 United States Census: 1789, Maryland 
Ludwick, Christopher (I3991)
176 1850 United States Census: 1792, Kentucky
1860 United States Census: 1794, Kentucky
1870 United States Census: 1790, Kentucky 
Collier, Elizabeth (I4001)
177 1850 US Census gives Virginia, the later two give Ohio; 1850 gives 1804 birth year, later two both give 1801 Gearing, Susannah (I2232)
178 1860 census lists "NC" as birthplace Gann, Smith (I020)
179 1860 census lists "not known" as his birthplace Gann, Robert (I007)
180 1870 census names her "Eve" Charlotte (I3925)
181 1870 census records her age as 16, but all the women in this family are recorded 4 to 5 years younger than in other sources Gann, Frances Isabela (I197)
182 1879 Directory, East Providence Township. Transcribed by Tim Morse. Margaret Morgart, Ray`s Hill. Pg. 85

Morgart Family Bible:
Margaret Morgart, Wife of Abram, died March the 6, 1880. Aged 54 years, 2 months, & 4 days.

1870 Census, East Providence Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

117 108 Morgart, Margaret 44 F W Keeping House Penn
Phillip P. 19 M W Penn
William H. J. 17 M W Penn
Andrew J. 14 M W Penn
Ester E. 12 F W Penn
Martha E. 9 F W Penn
Mary Alice 7 F W Penn 
Morgart, Margaret (I3017)
183 1880 census of Uvalde County, Texas, page 13 of precinct 3, ED 136; the last family listed is a Buckalew family with no given names but ages reasonably matching those of TJ, MA and their two children at the time Buckelew, Thomas Jefferson (I2225)
184 1880 Census, East Providence, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, #1255098

Whetstone, William Self M M W 59 PA PA PA Farmer
Margaret Wife F M W 54 PA PA PA Keeping House
Sarah C. Dau F S W 26 PA PA PA
John J. Son M S W 21 PA PA PA Teacher
Maggie E. Dau F S W 17 PA PA PA
Lewis E. Son M S W 9 PA PA PA 
Whetstone, William (I3018)
185 1880 Census: 1847, Georgia
1870 Census: 1849, Alabama 
Donison, George A (I1008)
186 1881 McKenney City & County Directory: "Durham, a station on the California and Oregon Railroad, 18 miles northwest of Oroville ... Ira H Locey, teacher." Locey, Ira Horton (I1696)
187 1886-87 McKenney Business Directory: Listing of Durham notes it to be "a thriving town on the SP Co's. Oregon Div., 6 miles from Chico. It has post, and telegraph facilities, good hotel accommodations and a population of about 250 ... I.H. Locey, Genl Mrcht, Postmaster and flour mill." Locey, Ira Horton (I1696)
188 1900 Census claims 1863 birth year Warnock, Martha H (I105)
189 1910 census notes she was blind Lucas, Amanda Emily (I713)
190 1910 census shows she had 9 children, 2 of whom were still alive. Dewald, Kathrine (I158)
191 1910 United States Census indicates his marriage to Reanelty J Logan was his second marriage Cotton, James Williford (I355)
192 1920 Census: Searched manually through Estancia, Pinos Wells and Tajique Twps. in Torrance Co., New Mexico, did not find. No likely matches in the major indexes for this census. Hill, Nancy C (I1009)
193 1993 Durham Post Office Open House Program: Ira H. Locey served as Postmaster from 21 July 1878 to 29 July 1891. Locey, Ira Horton (I1696)
194 22 Oct 1761 Onslow Co, NC Will 2-45 William HADNOT, as "daughter Care" when of age Hadnot, Ceare (I3376)
195 339 W North St Streb, Mary Ann (I2461)
196 5th Cavalry Regiment, organized at Tuscumbia, Alabama, in December, 1862, recruited its men in Morgan, Lawrence, Fayette, Franklin, Lauderdale, Tuscaloosa, and Marion counties. It was placed in General W.T. Martin's, then Roddey's Brigade, and took an active part in the operations in East Tennessee and Northern Alabama. Later the unit transferred to the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana and fought at Brice's Cross Roads, Pond Spring, and Selma, where many were captured. The small force that remained surrendered at Danville, Alabama, on May 6, 1865. Its field officers were Colonel Josiah Patterson, Lieutenant Colonel James M. Warren, and Major R.F. Gibson. Pate, Leroy (I390)
197 A "Streb Consolidated Mining Co." is listed in the business section of the directory with an office at 104 E 4th St Streb, Conrad (I2453)
198 A Benjamin Houlton of Salem is probated in 1744, leaving a will, but it cannot be established that he is this Benjamin Houlton (16 Mar 2017)
Not found in Salem vital records (16 Mar 2017) 
Houlton, Benjamin (I4189)
199 A couple of James Gibbses appear in the federal census of Rutherford Co., North Carolina in 1800, but neither can be conclusively shown to be this James Gibbs. Gibbs, James (I1690)
200 A couple of possible Thomasons present in Smith Co., Tennessee probate records (Adam d. 1828; Elias d. 1830) but not enough detail to establish a relationship Thomason, Priscilla (I830)

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