Genealogy of the Gann, Donaldson, Laubacher, McDowell and related families
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Sebastian Laubacher Anna Maria Herrmann

Canter, Philippe and Laubacher, Marie C - Marriage - Veckersviller, Moselle (57), France, 1760

"Anno millesimo Septingentesimo Sexagesimo quin...
februarii post trinam proclamationem in Ecclesis
parochialibus de Weckersweiller et Mitelbron
et constat ex Litteris testimonalibus Domini Man...
curato ibidem sine ulla detectione impedimenta
sive canoniis sen Civili matrimonii benediction...
receperunt Philipus Canter viduus defunctę
Annę Lomon ex Mittelbron et Maria Cathari...
Laubacher filia Legitima defuncti Sebastiani
Laubacher et Annę Maria Herman ex Weckers
weiller in pręsentia Christophori Metzger et
Pauli Salin qui cum sponso et sponsa fuerunt
signum manuale quia non habent usum scribe...
et in pręsentia Claudii Seigel ex Mittelbron
et Blasii Andre ex Sincrist qui Subscripseru...

Signum sponsi +
Signum Pauli Salin +
Signum + sponsa
Signum Christophori O Metzger
Claude Saigle
Blaise Andre
J:L: Dalstein, curatus in Weckersweiler"

"In the year one thousand Seven Hundred Sixty, [on the] 5[th of]
February after three proclamations [of banns] in the Parish
Churches of Veckersviller and Mittlebron
and having Letters Testimentary from Father Man...,
curator of the same [that is, the priest in Mittelbron] and without detecting any impediment
in the canon or civil [law] I blessed the marriage...
of Philippe Canter widower of the late woman
Anne Lomon from Mittelbron and Marie Catheri[ne]...
Laubacher legitimate daughter of the late Sebastian
Laubacher and Anne Marie Herman of Veckers-
viller, in the presence of Christopher Metzger and
Paul Salin, who with the groom and bride made
their marks because they have not the use of writ[ing],
and in the presence of Claude Saigle of Mittelbron
and Blaise Andre of Sincrist who signed below...

mark of the groom +
mark of Paul Salin +
mark + of the bride
mark of Christopher O Metzger [his mark is the 'O']"

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Linked toFamily: Canter/Laubacher (F1408) (Married)

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