Genealogy of the Gann, Donaldson, Laubacher, McDowell and related families
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51 "He married Christiana Clarkson and had seven sons and two daughters, Benjamin, Ambrose, John, Abel, Joseph, Oliver, Samuel, Mary and Mercy." Family F1833
52 "He was a medical doctor and lived in Caswell County NC on Kilgore's Branch, having been deeded land there by his father in 1803, and by William Lea in 1804. He left his will in Caswell County date 13 Jun 1826, proved Jan 1827. We may assume he died in the fall of 1826. His wife Elizabeth survived him and left her will, proved April 1835 in Caswell County."
--From Malone and Allied Familes, p. 581. 
Malone, Daniel (I701)
53 "He was drowned by the upsetting of a skiff in a storm when crossing the ferry between Salem and Beverly, June 16, 1662." Balch, John (I3663)
54 "Her remains were laid to rest in the cemetery adjoining the [Lutheran] church on Thursday afternoon." Swartzwelder, Hannah (I2983)
55 "History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania", published in Chicago by Water, Watkins & Co. in 1884, pg 362:

"The Millers of Milligan's cove are very numerous, and are reckoned among the most enterprising and influential citizens of the township. They are descendants from Elias Miller, an early pioneer. John Miller, a brother of Elias, and, like him, a soldier in the revolutionary war, also settled in the cove. His son John - known to all the early residents as Big John, for the fact that he was tall, and weighed over three hundred pounds - lived and died on the place which afterward became the Carpenter and Baker farms.

Elias Miller was a native of Loudoun county, Virginia, and was present at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis, at Yorktown. Shortly after the war he came to Bedford county and lived on Dunning's creek, whence he was often obliged to take shelter in the Bedford fort during the Indian hostilities. He afterward moved to the cove, married Mary Leiberger, and spent the remainder of his days on the place where his grandson, J. R. Miller, now lives. He lived to be about eighty-six, and was remarkably strong and healthy until the very last. He and his brother John located in the woods, and were afterward joined by other members of the family. They had a shop, and carried on weaving. Their brother Peter lived on the farm now occupied by A. M. Miller. Another brother, Abraham, moved to Somerset, became sheriff of that county, and officiated in that capacity at the celebrated hanging of the Frenchman.

Elias Miller had two sons, Abraham and John E., both of whom lived in the cove. Abraham was a minister of the Christian church many years. John E. lived on the old homestead and died there in 1876, at the age of sixty-eight. His wife was Hannah Carpenter. They reared a family of eleven children, nine of whom are still living: Michael C., A. M., Elijah, Eve (Martin), Mary (deceased), Jacob (deceased), Ephraim, Simon, Amanda (Swartzwalter), Hannah (Diehl), and J.R." 
Miller, Elias (I2882)
56 "History of Randolph and Macon Counties, Missouri" gives an age of "about seventy years" at death Dameron, Bartholomew (I700)
57 "Hugh White McCaleb (McKillip) married Elizabeth Holbrook on August 13, 1803 in Stokes Co., North Carolina. Hugh was the son of Andrew McKillip and Elizabeth Lowery and Elizabeth was the oldest daughter of James Holbrook and Barbara Fair. He was named in the will of his grandmother, Isobel Lowery, dated 11 Dec 1809, probated in 1812, and that of his father Andrew Mckillip in June 1810. He signed a power of attorney in Logan Co., Ky. in 1818, when he sold land that he had inherited from his father to his brother-in-law, Michael Fair. From there, he moved by way of Lauderdale Co., Tn. and Morgan Co., Alabama, to Fayette Co., Alabama. The family lived for several years in Morgan Co., near the city of Falkville. Three of the children were married there. The move to Fayette County probably occurred in the mid 1830's." McCaleb, Hugh White (I387)
58 "Hull Family in America" gives "Tristram" but abstracts of both parents' wills gives "Trustrum" Hull, Trustrum (I1987)
59 "In "Hunts of Tennessee", Mrs Evelyn Mitchell Madry of Atlanta, Ga. states Ralph Hunt was b. 1699 and died 1769--a discrepancy from the dates quoted--from Bill & Clara and from IGI. He bought 140 A. in Hanover Co.,Va. in 1723 & 132 A. on North side of Fishing Creek (Hanover Co.) on 6 Oct 1746 from Seth Pettypoole of Lunenburg Co. Memucan Hunt Howard, a great grand-son, gives the dates of birth and death and the family of his grandfather, Memucan, whom he states is the "third son". Fleetwood Jones states "Ralph and his brother James lived in Hanover Co. until James left for what is the present day Charlotte. Brother Joseph and James' son Charles lived in King William Co. prior to moving near James. Ralph who had purchased land the same day as James never left Hanover. Ralph's date of death comes from Mormon record # F502677. Sources state Ralph & Dina had ten children. I have more here, but none of Ralph's children are actually documented and more work is needed on this family. Bill Hunt, of Fairport, doubts that Christopher is a son, and Clara Hunt Miller doubts that William with wife, Rosa, is a son; however, all agree that he had a son William. Ralph also had land in Henrico Co. See Catherine Gheesling's records for more on this man. Records on proposed children of this man should be checked very carefully, as it is almost impossible to document them." Hunt, Ralph (I441)
60 "in her 29th year" Runnels, Mary (I3506)
61 "in the army" Tousley, Ruben (I1721)
62 "In the history of those times John Gardner stands as the greatest of all men who had to do with the beginnings of Nantucket." -- William Root Bliss, "Quaint Nantucket" 1896 Gardner, Captain John (I3673)
63 "In the summer of 1690 an expedition was fitted out in Massachusetts, with a contingent from New Hampshire, to protect the more eastern settlements, in which Nathaniel Ladd was on of the volunteers from Exeter, N. H. On the 22d of September the party landed at Maquoit, near Cape Elizabeth, and soon fell into an ambush, and in the fight which ensued were compelled to retreat to their vessels. These being aground, the Indians made a bold effort to take them, but after a hard fight they were repulsed, with a loss to the English of eight killed and twenty-four wounded. Of the last was Nathaniel Ladd, who died of his wounds at Exeter, N. H., Aug. 11th, 1691." Ladd, Nathaniel (I3461)
64 "James & Phoebe Hollingsworth McCaleb
had one of the saddest lives of
any McCaleb family that ever lived.
Only one or two of a family of 12
lived to be grown." 
Family F359
65 "Japhet Chaphin joined in marriage with Abelenah Coley the two and twentieth day of July (1664)" Family F592
66 "Japhet Chapin ye husband of Dority Chapin was sick and died Feb. 20 1711/12" Chapin, Japhet (I1235)
67 "Joanna Lamb daughter of John Lamb was borne the 20 of the 7 mon. -- 1657" Lamb, Joanna (I1322)
68 "Joanna the wife of Samuel Stebbein was sicke & dyed Aug. 8 1683" Lamb, Joanna (I1322)
69 "John Bliss & Patience Burt were joyned in marriage Oct 7th 1667" Family F568
70 "John Bliss was sicke & died Sept 20 1702" Bliss, John (I1219)
71 "John Clarke & Elizabeth Stebbins were joyned together in marriage 1st mon 2 day 1646/47" Family F600
72 "John Coleman of Hatfield & Mary Stebbin of this towne were joyned together in marriage: 16th Decemb'r 1696" Family F1091
73 "John Norton & Lydia Blisse were joined in marriage Octbr 31th 1678" Family F1088
74 "John Norton was ill & died Aug 24 1687" Norton, John (I2419)
75 "John Scot joyned in marriage to Sarah Bliss the 20 of ye 5 mon 1659" Family F569
76 "John Stebbins of Northampton dyeing in an unusual way & manner attested by a jury of 12 men according to law as per their paper on file declares, In wch. paper ye inquest of the jury is Brought in; which is in Severall Particulars, as 1st a Warmth & heate in his Body yt dead persons are not usuall to have 2ly they found four places upon his brest yt seemed to have been Pintched, Though the Docter informed ym that in his life time there was a swelling between ye Pintches, 3ly they finde his neck verry flexable so that wth Ease it might be moved as a Liveing person, 4ly Upon ye small of ye Back & below it they finde Severall Hundreds of spots small ones as if they had been shott with small shott wch was scraped & found holes under ye spotts into his body 5ly they found a great Scab or Scarr upon his short Ribbs on his Right side wch they tooke of & underneath found holes into his body" Stebbins, John (I1242)
77 "Joseph Ballard is most famous for his involvement in bringing the 1692 Salem Witch Trials to Andover. Eventually, forty Andover residents were accused of witchcraft, many of whom were jailed, and several of whom were hanged. Andover's involvement began in July 1692, near the height of the witch craze. Joseph's first wife, Elizabeth, came down with a fever. When the doctor could not cure her, Joseph asked that two of the "afflicted" girls from Salem come to a town meeting to identify the witches who caused it. The girls laid their hands on various blindfolded people (the famous "touch" test). Those who "caused" the girls to suffer when touched were accused of witchcraft." Ballard, Joseph Senior (I4178)
78 "Joseph Parsons & Mary Blisse were joyned together in marriage 9 mon. 26 day 1646 at Hartforde" Family F564
79 "Joseph Stebbin sonne of Thomas Stebbin borne ye 18th day of ye 3 mon: -- 1650" Stebbins, Joseph (I1202)
80 "Joseph Stebbin the sonne of Thomas Stebbin Borne the 24 of ye 8 mon: -- 1652" Stebbins, Lieutenant Joseph (I1203)
81 "Joseph Stebbin the sonne of Thomas Stebbin dyed & was buried the 29: of ye 9 mon:--1651" Stebbins, Joseph (I1202)
82 "Joseph Stebbins & Sarah Dorchester were joyned in Marriage Nov: 27 1673" Family F554
83 "Josiah Chapin & Lydia Pratt widew were maried the 7th. mo 26, 76 by Majr Denison" Family F589
84 "Kathrien Marshfield who was wife to Samll Marshfield was sick and died Feb 4 1711/12" Chapin, Catherine (I1229)
85 "Laurance Blisse died 1676" There is a long blank as though the month and day were meant to have been filled in later. His estate was being probated by 26 Sep 1676; King Philip's War caused significant administrative disruption in 1675-6. Bliss, Lawrence (I1217)
86 "Laurence Bliss joyned in marriage to Liddia Wright the 25 of ye 8 mon.--1654" Family F566
87 "Lindsay Moore, this good man and useful citizen has crossed the Jordan, and is now resting under the shade of the trees. Mr. Moore was born in North Carolina on the 15 of April 1806, and died at his home near this place on 23rd April 1881, in the 76th year of his age. He had been a member of the Baptist Church for over fifty years, and died as he lived, a true Christian and honored gentleman."

From the Moulton Advertiser, Moulton, Alabama, Thursday, April 28, 1881

As quoted in Dietrich, Bobbie Morrow. Circuit Rider and Helpmeet, Austin, TX: Nortex Press, 1994 
Moore, Lindsey (I329)
88 "Lt. Joseph Stebbins Dyed the 15th day of October Anno que Domini 1728" Stebbins, Lieutenant Joseph (I1203)
89 "Many reseachers believe Christopher and Caty to be the parents of John Hunt who married Martha Jenkins.

This is based on Christopher Hunt being in Virginia, Granville Co. NC and Anson Co. NC in close proximity to various Blassingham families. Later a James Blassingham family was closely situated to John Hunt and Martha Jenkins in Bracken Co. KY.

The best link is that James Hunt a possible brother of John Hunt states he was born in 1765 in Granville Co. NC and moved with his father to Hanging Rock Creek now on the border of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties SC shortly before the Revolution. He later moved to Sumner Co TN where his daughter Elizabeth married Richard Senter and moved to Wayne Co. IL, which was part of and now next to Edwards Co. IL, where John Hunt settled and died.

I believe Christopher is a possible parent but this is not proved due to lack of any direct evidence or surviving records." 
Family F214
90 "Margaret Mighall ye daughter of Nathanal Mighall and Sarah Mighall was Borne Feb 29th: 1707/08" Mighell, Margaret (I1114)
91 "Mary Bliss was sick & died Jan 1st 1723/4" Leonard, Mary (I1348)
92 "Mary Clark daughter of John Clark Borne the 31 of the 1st mon: -- 1654" Clark, Mary (I1737)
93 "Mary Leonard ye daughter of John Leonard was borne 7 mon: 14 day 1647 about day-break" Leonard, Mary (I1348)
94 "Mary Parsons the wife of Corn Joseph Parsons was sick & died Jan 29 1711/12" Bliss, Mary (I1216)
95 "Might be Henry SIMMONS, as Edward WARD Sr deeded him some land for 1 shilling (very cheap!)" Simmons (I3366)
96 "Mourning survived her husband John, and remarried William Hicks Sr. Will signed 26 Jan 1822 and prob. Nov Court 1823, Granville Co.; Book 9 pg 246. Mourning names Martha Minor and Groves Hunt as grandchildren in her will but does not identify their parents. (They ARE identified and much more in Herndon/Hunt and Allied Families, pgs. 60-71." Mourning (I450)
97 "Mr. Nicholas Barth, the father of George Barth, residing on South Market Street, died Sunday morning at 5 o'clock of old age, having passed his 85th year. Funeral Monday afternoon from the residence at 1 o'clock; interment in West Lawn."  Barth, Nicholas (I2867)
98 "My child a daughter buryed unbaptized" -- she was probably not named before dying Lothrop (I4121)
99 "Nathaneel Holkum & Mary Bliss were joyned in marriage Feb:27 1670" Family F627
100 "Nathaniel Bliss of Springfield Dyed the 23d day of Decemb'r Anno. Dom. 1736" Bliss, Nathaniel (I1305)

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