Genealogy of the Gann, Donaldson, Laubacher, McDowell and related families
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101 "NATHANIEL, Springfield 1645, br. of the preced. b. in Eng. rem. from Hartford soon after d. of his f. and m. 20 Nov. 1646, Catharine, d. of deac. Samuel Chapin, had Samuel, b. 7 Nov. 1647, wh. liv. to 19 June 1749; Margaret, 12 Nov. 1649, wh. m. 2 May 1672, Nathaniel Foote, and d. Apr. 1745; Mary, 23 Sept. 1651; and Nathaniel, 27 Mar. 1653, wh. d. 23 Dec. 1736. Notwithstand. this tendency to long life in the ch. the f. was bur. 18 Nov. 1654. His wid. m. 31 July foll. Thomas Gilbert, by him had four ch. and m. 28 Dec. 1664, Samuel Marshfield, and had four more, so as to count one doz. ch. On 31 Dec. 1678, or the next day, Samuel, sen. Samuel, jr. and Samuel tert. took o. of alleg. being over 16 yrs. old, and enrol. in the milit. at S. They were a s. of Nathaniel, a s. of Lawrence, and their uncle."

Genealogical Dictionary of new England Settlers (Boston: n.pub., 1860-1862) 
Bliss, Nathaniel (I1214)
102 "Nathaniell Bliss and Katheryne Chapin were married 9 mon 20 day 1646"; remembering the new year started in March, the 9th month would be November. Family F537
103 "Nathaniell Bliss sonne of Nathaniell Bliss borne ye 27 of ye 1 mon--1653" Bliss, Nathaniel (I1305)
104 "Nathaniell Bliss was buried the 18th of ye 9 mon 1654" Bliss, Nathaniel (I1214)
105 "New Hampshire, County Probate Records, 1660-1973," images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1942-32659-10705-24?cc=2040537&wc=M793-X38:347815501,347888601 : accessed 21 Apr 2014), Hillsborough > Probate records 1818-1829 vol 29-30 > image 99 of 626. Kimball, Nathaniel (I2128)
106 "New Hampshire, County Probate Records, 1660-1973," images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1961-32660-350-36?cc=2040537&wc=M797-668:347815801,348158301 : accessed 21 Apr 2014), Merrimack > Probate records 1823-1828 vol 1 > image 180 of 286. Kimball, Phineas (I2130)
107 "Old AUNT CAROLINE STONE died a few days ago."
(Marion County News, May 17, 1900) 
Jaggers, Margaret Caroline (I154)
108 "Operated a grist mill at 'Log Jail' until his death in 1830, 'and after that the wheels turned no more.'" Hull, Zapher (I1961)
109 "Patience Burt ye daughter of Henry Burt borne 6 mon 18 day 1645 & baptized" Burt, Patience (I1338)
110 "Peter Morgart, Jr. was born in Morgan County, Virginia, but was brought up in West Providence Township, Pa. where he assisted his father, the elder Peter, in clearing a homestead. After his marriage he continued farming on his own account in Colerain township until forced to give up active labor. From 1848 until his death in 1863, he was blind, an affliction that deprived him of many comforts and pleasures at a time when he could well afford leisure and enjoyment. His long life of fourscore years, however, was wisely spent, much of his work being of a lasting nature. Of the children born of his union with Elizabeth Cessna of Bedford County, the following are now living: William Perry; Francis C. of Juniata, Pa.; Samuel; Benjamin T,; Ellen C., wife of Robert Haffer, (sic) of Nebraska; Mary, wife of Horace Buchanan, of Iowa; and Rebecca, of Chicago, Ill."

from "Biographical Review of Somerset and Bedford Counties"
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------
Remarks from Freddie: Peter Jr. (1782)

In 1783 at the age of one, Peter Jr. accompanied his parents from Virginia to Bethel Township, Fulton County (then Bedford County) and in 1785 to Providence Township, east of Everett.

* * * * *

Free schools were adopted in 1836 and schoolhouses were built. Peter Morgart and John C. Morgart were the first teachers. (Bedford Co. page 233.)

* * * * *

From an old newspaper clipping, Feb. 6, 1863:

"Morgret--Mr. Peter Morgret Jr. in the 81st year of his age Deceased in "Friends Cove" was a prominent and highly respected citizen of our country and died regretted by a large circle of friends. A life of steadiness, frugality and virtue, lengthened his years beyond the usual span, and now he has gone to his rest like "one who wraps the drapery of his couch around him and lies down to pleasant dreams."--Ed.

* * * * *


1820 Census, Bedford Co, PA
13 Peter Margert, Jr 3-0-0-0-1-0 0-0-2-0-0 Colerain

1830 Census, Bedford Co, PA
61 Peter Margert 1-0-2-1-0-0-1 1-2-0-1-0-1 Colerain

1840 Census, Bedford Co, PA
280 Peter Morgan Jr 1-1-1-0-1-0-0-1 1-1-1-1

1850 Census, Bedford Co, PA
Colerain Twp:
Peter Morgart 67 VA
Elizabeth 56 PA
William P. 30 PA
Mary 25 PA
Frank 21 PA
Samuel 19 PA
Rebecca 16 PA
Benjamin 13 PA
Rachel 10 PA 
Morgart, Peter (I3026)
111 "Probably Lancaster" McKillip, Hugh (I3252)
112 "Rachel, wife, Katherine and Mary, daughters of Isaac Still" are mentioned in the will of Mary Leeds of Burlington, Burlington, New Jersey, dated 7 Aug 1727 Stelle, Isaac (I4070)
113 "Robert Tapscott the nuptials were Solemnized by this judge of the county court"
On the marriage record Virgina's name appears as Jane (initial) McCaleb. 
Family F126
114 "Rowland Stebbin Sonne of Thomas Stebbin Borne the 2 day of the 8 mon: -- 1660" Stebbins, Rowland (I1209)
115 "Samuel Bliss ye husband of Mary Bliss died March 23d 1720" Bliss, Samuel (I1223)
116 "Samuel Chapin & Hannah Sheldon were maried Dec 24 1690" Family F591
117 "Samuel Chapin Deacon of the Church at Springfield died the 11 day of November 1675" Chapin, Deacon Samuel (I1224)
118 "Samuel Chapin of Springfield Sen. Dyed the 18th day of August Anno. Dom. 1730" Chapin, Samuel (I1234)
119 "Samuel Marshfeild [sic] was sicke and died May 8 1692" Marshfield, Samuel (I1352)
120 "Samuel Marshfield joyn'd in marryage wth widdow Katherin Gilbert December ye 28 1664" Family F585
121 "Samuel Stebbein and Joanna Lamb were joined in marriage July 22 1679" Family F550
122 "Samuel Stebbins and Abigail Brooke were married Dec 10 1685" Family F551
123 "Samuel Stebin Sen'r died July 13 1708" Stebbins, Samuel (I1200)
124 "Samuell Blisse ye sone of Nathaniell Blisse was borne 9 mon:7day 1647 a little before day-break & baptized ye same day" Bliss, Samuel (I1188)
125 "Samuell Stebbins ye sone of Thomas Stebbins borne 7 mon 19 day 1646" Stebbins, Samuel (I1200)
126 "Sarah Bliss the wife of Samuel Bliss Died Novemb'r the 6 1721" Stebbins, Sarah (I1189)
127 "Sarah Dorchester the daughter of Anthony Dorchester borne the 12 of the 8 mon 1653" Dorchester, Sarah (I1326)
128 "Sarah Stebbins the daughter of Thomas Stebbins borne the 18 day 6 mon. -- 1654" Stebbins, Sarah (I1189)
129 "See Andrea file." Hunt, Kindness Breedlove (I447)
130 "Serjeant Morgan & Elizabeth Bliss were joined in marriage Febr ye 15th 1669" Family F574
131 "Settled in Penn." Hull, Thomas (I1962)
132 "Some researchers believe his name was Christopher HUNT and his wife was Caty Blassingame of VA and Granville CO. NC. Have no proof, but Bill Hunt of Fairport, N.Y. and Clara Hunt Miller of Ca. believe Christopher to be a s/o Ralph III and brother to Memucan.

Christopher transfered 100 acres of land in Anson Co., N. Carolina "granted to me 24 Apr. 1762" and was in Cheraw Dist., Craven Co., S. Carolina when he sold this on 10 March 1763 to William S. Sherley.

See Mitchell Hunt's mss. on this individual in my file. Served in the Continental line, Rev. War record #3877-B. He died of smallpox, intestate.

His wife, Catey, was administratrix of his estate. Moved from Granville Co., N.C. to near Lynches' Creek, S.C. between 1774 and 1776, apparently. Lived "less than 18 miles from Camden".

On pg. 82 of Andrea I, Andrea is speaking of the will of Thomas Blassingame Hunt and states: "This family of Hunt in my extensive Hunt ms. came with Blassingames and others from old Cheraw and Georgetown Dist....He was a son of Christopher Hunt who wed Catey Blassingame...all came down from Virginia via N.C." 
Hunt, Christopher (I435)
133 "The aforesd jury of 12 men being summoned a 2d time

And haveing againe reviewed ye Body of Jno Stebbins & found as formerly only his body seemed somewhat more cold yn before his joynts more limber & his testicals sorely Wounded which they discerned not before Also a blueness on his sides which was not before

To the abovesd the jury viz Lieut Wm Clark Deacon Holton Joseph Parsons Senr: Tho: Hastings Ens: Jno Lyman Jno King Isaac Shelding, David Burt, Mr Wm Jeans, Alexander Edwards, Timo Baker, Mr Joseph Hawley tooke their oaths in Corte accordingly except David Burt who was not then present" 
Stebbins, John (I1242)
134 "The Corte haveing spent much time in considering ye Return of the jury about John Stebbins Death & haveing inquired into ye testimony & ye suspitions of Witch Craft By giveing Samll Bartlett Oppertunitie to bring in all yt can be come at that way Upon the heareing & weighing all yt can be come at & hath been presented in Corte, see not good to fasten upon any Person so as to order restrainte & require ffurther attendance at prsent; Yet ye matter being Solemn & Serious we doe apprehend it our duty to transmit all the testimonys to our Honored Governor & Magistrates Entreating their pruseall & Consideration of ye Case & to act therein & thereabout as they shall see meete. And the testimonys ordered, by the clark, to be delivered to ye Worshipful Major Pynchon, to be by him transmitted with a relation of ye case as aforesayd" Stebbins, John (I1242)
135 "The Great Migration Begins" gives "Keno" as her surname, citing the Leiden, Holland, record of husband John Dunham's second marriage, which indicates him as "widower of Susan Keno." Other researchers give "Kenny." The marriage record for her with John Dunham gives "Kaino", while her christening record gives "Cainehoe." Cainehoe, Susan (I3824)
136 "The Hovey Book" gives her last name as "Dane" which cannot be substantiated; the town records are a more authoritative source Warner, Priscilla (I3576)
137 "the widdow Elysabeth Clarke Dyed october 28th 1700" Stebbins, Elizabeth (I1243)
138 "The wido. Sarah Stebbins of Springf'd, Relict & Wido. of Lt. Joseph Stebbins Late Dec'd, Died August 18th 1746" Dorchester, Sarah (I1326)
139 "Their children were Charity, Experience, Thompson, Lewis, and Phoebe." Family F1832
140 "These are to Give Notice to all persons Whome It may Concerne that Whereas I am Informed that Hopewell Hull hath VnLawfully taken to Wife the Daughter of John Martin of Woodbridge, Without Observing the Lawes and Customes of England Or these parts of America, I the Governor of this province doe declare that the Mariage & that all others that are or shall be Comitted In the same Manner to be null Void and of none Effect, And they that doe Live In that VnLawfull Estate of Matrimony May be Prossecuted as such as doe Live In the Estate of fornication, And that the Children begotten by them are to be accompted Bastards and not Capable of Inheritance. Given vndr my hand and Scale the 29th day of Decembr 1669."East Jersey Records, in office of the Secretary of State, at Trenton, Liber 3, p. 32. It is probable that Hull remarried his wife, Mary Martin, with all due ceremony, for John Martin, in his will, March 17, 1687-8, names his "son" Hopewell Hull as one of the overseers and assistants of his executrix.?E. J. Deeds, Liber B, f. 220; and see N. J Archives. XXI., 107, 108, 194.2 Family F1010
141 "This child given by Clara Hunt Miller." Hunt, Henry (I472)
142 "This child not proven. She is supposed to have married Joseph Allin (Allen?) and named a son Memucan Allin." Hunt, Sarah (I448)
143 "Tho. Stebbin Jun. & Abigail Mun maryed Dec 21 anno 1672" Family F552
144 "Thomas Gilbert Dyed ye 5th of June in ye morning & was Buryed in ye Even of ye Same Day 1662" Gilbert, Thomas (I1351)
145 "Thomas Gilbert joyned in marriage to Katheren Bliss.the31.Day.of.ye.4 mon:1655" Family F584
146 "Thomas Merrick was joyned in marriage to Sarah Stebbins 7 mon: 14 day 1639" Family F597
147 "Thomas Stebbins & Hannah Wright joined together in marriage November 1645" Family F538
148 "Thomas Stebbins the husband of Mary Stebbins was sicke & died Dec. 7. 1695" Stebbins, Thomas (I1201)
149 "Thomas Stebbins ye sone of Thomas Stebbins was borne 5 mon: 31 day 1648 about Sunset" Stebbins, Thomas (I1201)
150 "unmarried" Hovey, Phebee (I3536)

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